February 17, 2010


Snow shovel in driveway

(C) Copyright 2010 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

I finally finished digging out and returned to work this past Monday.  Having  shoveled my driveway umpteen times over the past week, I am truly tired, sore, and frustrated from that seemingly unending effort.  And I used to look forward to backpacking in the snow.  

Displaced persons New Orleans post Katrina 2008

(C) Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

I also tried to keep several thoughts in my head as I shoveled, though, as a means of keeping my situation in perspective.  One was Haiti.  One was New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina (please see my previous post “One House”.)  The other was those who experience homelessness. 

The 2007 Baltimore City Homeless Census estimated that there were 3002 homeless in the city at the time of the census.  Both this report and The National Coalition for the Homeless detail the difficulty of determining the number of homeless at any given time and the circumstances under which people experience homelessness.  The numbers and the social conditions that lead to such situations are worth noting and addressing.  Volunteering and/or providing financial support to local shelters or organizations would be one such way of giving back to the community in which one lives. 

I am grateful that, when tired and cold, I could go inside, rest, and drink a cup of coffee.  I was fortunate enough to not even lose my electricity during the storms. For many, that would be a luxury. 

Take care.


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