The Staircase

April 24, 2010


Stairway looking down

Copyright 2010 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

This one is a bit personal. 

My mother and I moved in with my grandparents upon the ending of my parent’s marriage.  At some point after that, my older sister and her first husband also moved in.  I was fourteen at the time of the permanent move and sixteen when the incident referenced here took place.  I am much older now. 

Without getting into details, suffice to say that what occurred on that day left a lasting impact on my memory.  Episodic memory is the memory for time and place and where we store past experiences.  I have been up and down these stairs many, many times in the decades that followed the incident.  It is a rare occasion when I do not think about, and vividly remember, that day when on these stairs.  Now that the house is being sold, I am creating a photographic record of the house and many of the artifacts that will be left behind.  These stairs, photograph or no photograph, will always be remembered. 

Take care.

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