Time and Technology

October 17, 2010

B&W photograph of Oregon Ridge Boarding House

Copyright 2007 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Although I did not know to call it a “photo essay” at the time, my first photo essay was created at Oregon Ridge.  As indicated, the photograph above was made in 2007 and was not part of that original essay, which was made using film and traditional darkroom techniques.  Several prints from that series are on display in the Oregon Ridge Nature Center.  Once I switched to digital capture,  I stopped using film completely and so have returned to many of the old “film” locations in order to “update” my files.   Oregon Ridge has long remained a favourite.

Oregon Ridge is located just north of Baltimore, Maryland and was a thriving iron ore mining community known as Oregon Ridge Town in the 1800s.  If you were a bachelor working at Oregon Ridge, you would have lived in the building pictured above.  As the technology of the industrial age progressed, Oregon Ridge became less and less viable as a business and eventually the mining ceased altogether.  The last residents of the buildings vacated in the 1950s.

B&W photograph Oregon Ridge Boarding House foundation

Copyright 2010 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

A few years ago, the Baltimore County Department of Parks and Recreation tore down what was left of the unrestored structures leaving just the foundations.  The one pictured above is all that remains of the house that began this post.

Plaster wall of OR Boarding House

Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

The plaster of the interior walls is disintegrating and the mortar of the foundation is weakening causing sections of the foundation to crumble.  In time, the remaining artifacts of this bygone era will pass-as has Oregon Ridge Town.

  Not unlike film photography.

Take care.


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