October 27, 2012

The descriptor for Hurricane Sandy is “Frankenstorm” as it appears that this storm will swing back over the Mid-Atlantic coast and head for the Great Lakes as another, much colder, storm moves from the north and west toward her.  It also appears that Sandy is having difficulty determining the type of storm she wants to be-tropical or hurricane.

Time will certainly tell if Sandy lives up to this moniker.

Which brings to a point a characteristic of hurricanes as natural disasters that does not present with flash floods or tornadoes, and absolutely not earthquakes:  one must wait for a hurricane.  And given the current state of technology, hurricanes are predicted, plotted, and tracked for days  and weeks until dissipating many, many miles from the point of origin.  Whatever the adjectives or qualifiers used the description, the real concern is the damage wrought between the beginning and the end.

More later.

Take care.