Superstorm Sandy

October 30, 2012

Sandy appears to have been re-named.  She is no longer the “Frankenstorm”- she is the “Superstorm”.  That part seems a pity, especially since this is Halloween.  It can also be argued that if the goal is to bring attention to the enormity of a weather event, calling her the “Frankenstorm” does a much better job.  After all, everything from laundry detergent to the size of soda is “super” now and so that appellation actually seems to be more the norm, and Sandy is decidedly not that.

Simple semantics aside, Sandy has wrecked a good part of the East Coast.  By this morning, 320,000 Marylanders did not have power-about 8 million people nationally are without power.  Parts of West Virginia and Maryland have upwards of two feet of snow.  Flooding is widespread and public transportation has been disrupted.  There has been the loss of lives.  Right now it is 40 degrees outside and it is hard to wrap around the notion that we have both a hurricane and a blizzard nearly simultaneously.  Maryland is a perfect example:  the Eastern Shore area has several towns that are flooded while the western mountain region has that two feet of snow.  Incredible.

Best wishes to all who have been affected.

Take care.

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