The First REAL Snow

March 6, 2013

Snow falling in backyard.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Today is March 6, 2013 and we received the first REAL snow of the season according to local broadcasts.  Yes, it has snowed before this winter, however, those snows were of the light, fluffy sort for which the Mid-Atlantic region is decidedly NOT known.  No, this one began as rain and then continued to fall as a wet, heavy snow-the very type that I dread when thinking about the need to move it.  This kind of snow also tends to soak all but the most weather-proof of gear, and with the wind blowing as it is, a very cold, damp environ in which to work is created.  Most unpleasant, especially when considering the initial forecasts were for 10-18 inches of accumulation.

Snow falling in backyard through window.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

That is the very reason I stayed inside to watch the snow as it fell-that is a pleasure.  It can be soothing to watch the flakes wax and wane and buffet to and fro as the storm gains and looses energy.  I really used to look forward to snow.  Being out in the cold was an exhilarating experience and the absence of bugs and people made for excellent walks and photography.  As I have grown older, though, I have much less a tolerance for such weather, especially when it comes to shoveling.

Melting snow in driveway.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Which brings me to the highlight of this particular snow event.  Yesterday was relatively warm (high 40s to almost 50 degrees) and very sunny so the asphalt soaked up enough heat that the snow was actually (mostly) melting as it came to rest on the driveway.  In addition, since this is March, the sun arcs across the sky at a higher angle thereby bathing the ground with a bit more energy.  Indeed, the temperature has remained above freezing even though it has continued to snow. This most likely also kept the accumulation down as it appears that no more than a few inches are on the ground as this post is being written.  More will be revealed about that as there are a few more hours to go with this storm.  Tomorrow the temperature is to be warmer and then still warmer over the weekend, so whatever we have by the end of the fall will not be around long.

This has been a good day (so far…)

Take care.


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