Morgan Run Creek whitewater.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

It was a rainy morning and my plans to photograph Fells Point were, quite literally, washed out.  So, I bought a cup of coffee, grumbled more than a little bit about not being able to shoot what I wanted and drove off.  As I was moving on closer to home, I remembered Morgan Run, a lovely bit of running water, and thought that with the rain and overcast sky, it would be worth a visit.  It was.  The light was nice and soft and the water was moving on.  Fortunately, the rain had stopped enough for a moment or two and allowed for bit of quiet in the woods.  Pretty nice.

Empy beer cans in front of "Alcohol Prohibited" sign.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Unfortunately, as is much too often the case, the subtle beauty of a natural environ was spoiled by people.  I get the need for a parking lot-despite what Joni Mitchell laments  (“…they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”  I do agree with the sentiment behind the lyric, but that is for another time.)  Morgan Run has a wheel chair ramp so as to allow access to the water; this is a popular place for fishing; and there are some trails that line the creek on either side and so this is also a nice place to walk.  The parking lot is not the problem.  Folks not caring to read or follow directions is.  It is also possible that there were other factors that led to the deposit of trash in an area where this was not supposed to have happened.

Biologically and neurologically the first part of the brain affected by alcohol is the frontal lobe.  This is our seat of reasoning, judgment, critical thinking, and decision-making, which collectively are often referred to as our “executive functions” or “higher level thinking”.  Alcohol, being a sedative/hypnotic drug in the depressant category, creates “disinhibition”-that is, once the frontal lobe has been impaired, reasoning, judgment, critical thinking, and decision-making are compromised and the person drinking is more likely to act on impulse or exercise poor judgment.  This is the fundamental reason folks do things while consuming alcohol that they would not consider doing otherwise.  One does not have to be completely intoxicated for this to happen either, although the more one drinks the higher the blood alcohol level and the greater the impairment-not just in thinking, but with motor skills as well.  That can make following even very simple directions difficult.

Now, I am clearly making an assumption as I was not here to witness the incident: my frontal lobe may very well be collating the evidence and arriving at an inaccurate judgment. It certainly is possible that the alcohol was consumed at some other location and then the cans were dumped here.  In that scenario, the “Alcohol Prohibited” may well have not been relevant.  What is not shown in this photograph is the sign prohibiting litter.

Take care.