Thanks and Giving

November 26, 2013

Cat squinting while sitting on a porch.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

It  seems useful to disconnect the two words that comprise the upcoming holiday.

Thanksgiving theoretically is a time to reflect on that for which we can and need to be thankful.  Unfortunately, this holiday brings massive amounts of advertising and commentary on the latest and greatest new devices.  So much so that stores are opening during the day and not waiting until Black Friday.  It is as if what was “mandatory” just a few months ago ought to be banished to the rubbish heap in favour of something new and better.  There is ALWAYS something new and better in the tech world.  The trick is to find that which does what is needed and learn to master that tool to create the images desired.  It is the PHOTOGRAPHS that matter, not the camera.  Photographers have a plethora of tools available that run circles around the equipment of years ago from a technical standpoint-lets be thankful (and satisfied) with that.  Work to create images that have a longer life cycle than the latest gear and be grateful for the skill to make them.

In conjunction with that idea, especially at this time of year, the concept of giving is bastardized-as a culture, we seem to have substituted the spending of money for the sharing of care and togetherness, as if giving some “thing” is the same as conveying a deeper sense of meaning.  Such is the nature of materialism.  Granted, it is often much easier to have a physical object stand in for emotional connection, however, it is a mistake to confuse the two.

If one must have a monetary value attached to gifts, perhaps it would be a good idea to take the money for one gift and donate that to a charitable organization that works for those who really do live without (and “without” I mean food, water, shelter, and clothing on a daily basis-NOT without the latest cell phone).

Take care and be well.

One Response to “Thanks and Giving”

  1. That is so thoughtful and true,this is my first thanksgiving in the USA but the concept of Black Friday seems to have overtaken all the thanks people should be giving!

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