December 30, 2013

Abandoned house with old trees and vines.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Time moves along and we have so many ways to mark that passage:  objects of material culture like clocks and calendars; words like seconds, hours, and days; and concepts such as “miles-per-hour”.  It is easy to find other ways to measure the advance of time, especially in a built environ.  The changes depicted above would have happened inexorably over such a long period that minute differences would have been difficult to measure.  And yet, what must this house have looked like 20 years ago? Who lived there and what happened to them that allowed this house, someone’s home in another time, to fall into disrepair?

Mountainside with fog bank.

Copyright 2013 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

One could argue that time drives our culture.  For example, Amazon is investigating the use of drones for same-day delivery of packages.  How will this level of immediacy impact our desire for more stuff?  It is already fascinating to use an e-reader to order a book and in seconds be swiping the pages.  Will the drones hover for a period of time while the decision is made to keep the item or will we be able to recall the drones for same-day returns as well?

No, it is interesting to think of a world without a human-created measure of time.  The sun would continue to rise and arc across the sky and night would slowly fall giving way the return of the sun (or not, as the day could bring a layer of cloud and fog.  Still it would be lighter and one would have the sense of a new day.)  What would happen to the concept of deadlines and schedules?  What would be the effect on our collective psyche?  What would happen to commerce?

Perhaps we would all slow down a bit.

Take care.



One Response to “Time”

  1. Morris mugo Says:

    Happy new year!
    Your post couldn’t have been more timely as i am working on my next years calendar for various trainings,various classes and it seems as if its not a new year anymore for me!All this due to a sense of time. That is a very thought provoking post,i would even dare say its the most thought provoking article among all your posts! Even the GPS have approximations of arrival time these days and at times they do not put into considerations the elements of weather or road works which could lead to delays due to slowed speeds!At times people are forced to drive at more than recommended speeds to beat the hour on the GPS,i agree with you that we would maybe slow down…but i still cant get a very clear mental picture of the world without human time machines!

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