The Remains

January 24, 2015


BW photograph of an old yellow rose.

Copyright 2015 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

It is important to stay focused on the subject when working, whether making photographs or writing.  One of the fundamental elements of photographic composition is anything that does not add to the photograph is distracting and, therefore, needs to be removed.  There is no doubt that this is an old rose.  However, the original colour photograph was converted to B&W and the background dropped out so as to leave a study of shape and texture.  Colour can sometimes be a distraction all its own and is one of the reasons some prefer to work with shades of grey.  This rose was old and somewhat brittle, so when being moved about, some of the petals eventually fell prey to gravity and ended up on the floor.  They had, in fact, removed themselves.

BW photograph of petals and leaves that had fallen and were swept into a pile.

Copyright 2015 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

There were other flowers in this particular bouquet that had also begun to shed some parts.  While sweeping up the debris, it became readily apparent that what is initially discarded can often be used in another context and might be just as aesthetic and, perhaps, even more poignant.  It is worth asking the question, which image encourages more thought?  The photograph that leads the post is fairly straight forward.  The second photograph, I think, provides a bit more with which to work in terms of alternative narratives.

It is worth noting that the film used in the opening scene of Apocalypse Now was found in the trash bin as it had been cut and thrown away.

Take care.


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