Spring 2015

March 28, 2015

BW photograph of rocks with a bed of spring snow

Copyright 2015 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Friday, March 20, was the first day of Spring.  On that day, approximately 2-3″ inches of snow fell…

BW photograph of an old shed with snow and fog

Copyright 2015 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

and that was followed by a bit of rain and slightly rising temperatures leading to decently heavy fog…

BW photograph of a distant tree with snow in the fog

Copyright 2015 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

all of which presented a bit of a disconnect from that date, season, and mindset.

March 20-21 is the date of the vernal equinox as explained here.  After a rough winter, the expectation is that with the ending of March and the beginning of spring, the cold and snow should be finished.  It is 28 degrees with snow showers as this is being written.

The words ‘expectation’ and ‘should’ is where the trouble comes as this speaks to a fixed mindset.  Dr. Carol Dweck wrote a very interesting book entitled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and it is worth a read.  While the above application is somewhat of a deviation from what Dr. Dweck describes, the idea of something “fixed” is that it is rigid and unchanging-what is shall be evermore.  Thinking in a fixed manner makes it very difficult to adjust and/or adapt to a present reality that is different from what one expects.  The fundamental conflict is that current data does not match the perceived (or desired) history.  Dr. Dweck argues that a growth mindset opens avenues for change and opportunity.

This idea certainly applies to one’s outlook on the weather and climate.  As has been discussed in many other posts within this site, weather is local and in the short-term (think this particular Spring in this particular area of the world) whereas climate is global and for the longer term.  The climate is changing as has been made clear in the Fifth Assessment Report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Please use this link and click the ‘Video’ link for a short summary of the report.  The full reference for the report is as follows:

IPCC, 2014: Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Core Writing Team, R.K. Pachauri and L.A. Meyer (eds.)].

The ability to mitigate and adapt with regard to climate change begins with a change in mindset individually, nationally, and globally.

Take care.


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