July 12, 2015

There are no photographs to go with this post as I have not been to Bosnia.

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Srebrenica.  That atrocity finally brought NATO, and the United States, into the Balkan war.

This report is a brief history of what happened there and a current discussion of what the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are doing to try to move past the ethnic divide that resulted from the politics and combat of the time.  It is worth a listen as it is a reminder of both the destructive power and the hope that comes from cultural diversity.

The direction that issue takes really does depend on individual behaviour.

James Nachtwey was in Bosnia and so many other conflict zones-this TED Talk presents his views on the importance of photography and the documentation of such events.  (Bosnia is discussed around the 6 minute mark.)  As a photographer, and a human being,  I admire his work and his mission.

NOTE:  The video contains a warning regarding the images that accompany Mr. Nachtwey’s talk.  You can not tell such stories without the photographic evidence, but do heed the warning if need be.

Take care.


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