November 23, 2015

Cat laying on a windowsill appearing to be enjoying the sun

Copyright 2015 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

The Thanksgiving holiday, as celebrated in the United States, is just around the corner, and this is a time for much more than food, football (as it is played in America), and shopping.  Conceptually, this holiday is about consciously acknowledging that for which one is grateful.  With so much turmoil and violence in the world today, it most certainly can be difficult for some to consider the notion of gratitude.  For others, it is also possible to have such a lifestyle wherein one does not think about those experiencing loss, trauma, and strife, and so may actually take a state of gratitude for granted.

NPR posted this report on the health benefits associated with practicing gratitude.  I specifically chose the word “practicing” for several reasons: first, this is not meant to be a one-day-a-year effort; second, it is worth taking the time each day to reflect, and it usually takes practice for something to become habitual; and third, “practicing” is indicative of an active process-one that does not reach a permanent conclusion.

Take care, be safe, and give thanks.

One Response to “Gratitude”

  1. As an aside, the post with the picture of a cat reminds me that its is 4 days to “Big Cat Week” the 5th episode on the Nat Geo Wild TV channel. It reminds me to be grateful for so may things, that there was a time I would have to wait for over 4 months to get to have access to internet to enjoy watching such an episode of a favourite TV show. Now that it seems like a norm to have it streamed live to my living room as it happens or I could have the alternative to catch up watching it anywhere anytime it is easy to forget to have gratitude to the many systems that have been placed in order for such a convinience to occur as well as to those who made it all possible.
    As usual thanks for the insightful post!

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