June 5, 2016

BW photograph of four leaves atop a rock after a rain.

Copyright 2016 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

There was a decent amount of rain that fell last night-nothing like that which has flooded Texas and Paris, France, but enough to make Morgan Run hum, and for the trees to shed some leaves.  It is always nice to be there early in the morning after such a rain and to listen to the water.

BW photograph of three full water bottles laying at the base of a tree.

Copyright 2016 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Inevitably, as is often the case with Morgan Run, my attention was drawn to the discarded trash laying about.  The subject matter displayed in the above photograph is problematic in many ways.  First, these three water bottles were near full, and yet here they are.  The inability to access healthy, potable, water is one of the greatest global health threats, and it is important to understand that this does not just apply to  least developed nations-ask those living in these communities.  One of the real issues with availability and affluence is the degree to which valuable resources become so inexpensive that they can be taken for granted.  What does a case of bottled water cost?  Second, this is yet another example of the abundance of plastic trash left in the environ.  Coincidentally, there is an exhibit about this accumulation of plastic now on display at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.  The final point is one that has been a topic before, especially with regard to Morgan Run-it is quite unsightly to be in such a tranquil place and yet have it soiled by trash.

Taking care of this issue really is quite simple.  Please consume what is purchased.  In fact, buying a reusable water bottle would go a long way to reducing the amount of plastic contamination.  Pack out any trash that is created.  Recycle that which can be recycled.

Take care.



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