Flood Debris

August 2, 2016

BW photograph of storm debris floating in a marina at Fells Point.

Copyright 2016 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

The greater Baltimore area experienced a torrential downpour this past Saturday night.  As a result, Ellicott City experienced a flash flood, which killed two and created extreme damage to the historic area.  (Video of the flood as it was occurring has been posted to YouTube.) Condolences to all who are suffering from this event.

BW photograph of water bottles and styrofoam cups swirling in water.

Copyright 2016 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

When it rains like it did Saturday night, the Jones Falls picks up an inordinate amount of debris and ultimately deposits it in Baltimore’s Inner Harbour.  The photograph just above is a small bit of the Styrofoam and plastic floating in water at Fells Point this morning.

While I was making these photographs, a few people stopped by to chat.  The first asked if I worked for the City, as he thought Baltimore City should get going to clean up the mess.  I asked him if he had heard about the flooding in Ellicott City, and he had not.  I suggested that he look it up as the debris in water here was nothing by comparison.  Another said I should have been in Fells yesterday, as there was much more debris in the water.  He suggested that the City should purchase a few more of the skimmers that are used to collect such trash.  He, too, had not heard about Ellicott City.

The solution to the trash is not more government expenditure.  The majority of the material shown here is recyclable.  More importantly, reusable water bottles would eliminate even that.  Unfortunately, there really is not much to be done with Styrofoam, which provides added emphasis to the need for reusable cups and bottles.  No, this is a personal, individual issue.

Regarding Ellicott City, it is difficult to have concern and compassion for that which you are unaware.  It also makes sense to pay attention to those events that have a personal impact.  This is not being said as a criticism of the folks with whom I talked today-they were pleasant conversations.  I did not know about Ellicott City until very late on Sunday as I do not watch broadcast TV, and I did not hear it covered on my usual news sources.

All of which brings us to this closing question:  what do we do once we become aware of an issue?

Take care.



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