September 9, 2016

BW photograph of the top of a tree with a mostly overcast sky as the background.

Copyright 2016 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

While driving home yesterday in the mid-afternoon, the vehicle’s thermometer registered 100 degrees.  Officially, the temperature reached 99-that one degree was most likely not detectable beyond the psychological impact of reaching triple digits.  Today is supposed to be similar.

Given that, not to again mention the recent hurricanes and massive flooding that have occurred in this part of the world, it is vitally important that the United States and China recently signed the climate change agreement negotiated this past November.  According to the article, the U.S. and China create 38% of the world’s greenhouse gases, and having the world’s two largest emitters officially commit to the process is an important political milestone-in order for the agreement to take effect, at least 55 nations must sign and that must also total 55% of global emissions.  The streak of record-setting heat continues to exacerbate effects already in motion.  For example, here is the United States, we are moving toward a future in which Glacier National Park and Joshua Tree National Park will be devoid of their eponymous features.

Given that, it is also important to validate this agreement as some politicians and groups actively funding them continue to deny climate change and actively oppose governmental regulations that would decrease the production of said gases.

This is, indeed, a complex issue with many ramifications, and it is always important to evaluate who is saying what and the rationale for the positions taken.  However, it is well beyond the time to pay attention to the politics of climate change.  November 2016 is rapidly approaching.

Take care.


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