“Home Free”

January 31, 2017

BW photograph of a cardboard sign stating "Home Free Broke & Hungry Anything Helps God Bless Trying to gt A Room" in a trashcan.

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It is very difficult to reconcile the above image.

This documentary is also difficult to watch-it is entitled 4.1 Miles and depicts Kyriakos Papadopoulos and his crew’s efforts to rescue refugees off the coast of Lesbos.  It does, however, provide a very powerful juxtaposition to current U.S. policy regarding immigration.  This news analysis also provides a counter-point to said policy.  (As an aside, given that we are in an era of “alternative facts,” it is important to carefully review the actual language used and check and validate statistics when examining such issues.)  The current policy has created a great deal of controversy here in the U.S. and abroad.

As stated in the news analysis, the goal of terrorism is to create fear.  Individuals and social institutions can wittingly and unwittingly play into such efforts by creating a globalized fear of the other.  Critical thinking and actual facts do make a difference so as to avoid the dangers inherent in stereotyping and demonizing.  With specific regard to refugees, at what point do empathy, compassion, and humanity become factors?  The same need to be afforded to the victims of terrorist actions.  It is vitally important that one group not be played against the other.

Returning to the photograph at the head of this post, part of what is heartbreaking is that the sign was in the trash.  Perhaps, in the best sense, it was no longer needed as the person or persons achieved what was expressed.

Take care.

Record Heat-2016

January 23, 2017

BW photograph of silhouetted trees with a partially rain clouded sky in the background.

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It is official-2016 was the hottest year on record.  It is very significant to note that this was confirmed by both NOAA and NASA.

BW photograph of a tree in front of a building with a broken window and vines creeping up one side.

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That significance is demonstrable in at least two ways:  One, the recently elected president has suggested cutting NASA’s climate research budget-“politicized science” as it is referred to here; and, two, according to The New York Times “Within moments of the inauguration of President Trump, the official White House website on Friday deleted nearly all mentions of climate change.”

Disagreement between the president and his cabinet appointees on several issues is evident based on the congressional hearings held thus far.  For example,  EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt has acknowledged that climate change in real and that human activity plays “some” role.  This is in comparison to the president’s referring to climate change as a “hoax” as is also mentioned in that last link.

So many posts on this site contain the phrase “time will tell” and once again that is the case.  We will see how the new administration actually responds to climate change.  Given the important role that NASA plays in the measurement and observation of said change, one directly relates to the other.  One way or another, the seas will continue to rise, desertification will continue to progress, and populations will continue to be impacted unless there is a concerted, organized effort to reduce greenhouse gases.  If those types of initiatives are not supported, then there needs to be the same effort directed toward adaptation and mitigation.

This article highlights one of the reasons that time will tell.  For years China and India resisted efforts to rein in greenhouse gases by making the argument, essentially, that as developing nations, they had every right to advance by using the same resources as most-developed nations, chiefly the U.S., to advance their economies and standards of living.  As per the article, that position has changed.  Having some of the “…most polluted cities…” on the planet most likely influenced this point-of-view.

For the U.S., the zeroing out of a budget item and the removal of a website, much like pulling the covers over one’s head, does not make the problem disappear.

Take care.


“Game On”

January 18, 2017

BW photograph of a closer view of an outdoor chess board's pieces-emphasis on the white king.

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In Season Four, Episode Six of The West Wing, President Bartlett’s staff exhorts him to do well in the presidential debate by using the phrase “Game On”, which is also the title of the episode.  This coming Friday is Inauguration Day in the United States-a day when the president-elect officially becomes the Commander-in-Chief.  In that sense, it most certainly becomes “game on” for the incoming administration.

BW photograph of an outdoor chess board's pieces.

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Many moves have already been made in this “game” as it began with the 2016 campaign and election season.  Many cabinet appointees have had their hearings before congressional committees and more of those are to come.  The tweets have been flowing.

And, of course, this is not a game, nor is it a television show.

Given the ease of using Netflix, it is possible to binge watch The West Wing, which originally aired from 1999 to 2006.  What is fascinating to see is just how many of the political, social, cultural, and environmental issues addressed in the show remain relevant, if not headline-generating, today.  It is just as interesting to watch how the fictional President Bartlett and his staff navigate those issues.

The president-elect and his staff will have the opportunity to do so in real time.

Take care.

Here to There

January 14, 2017

BW photograph of a concrete road overpass overtop a field.

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How do we get from here to there?

That is a quintessential/existential question-the answer to which is based on the determination of what or where “here” and “there” are.  Once again we are within the realm of perception.

From a psychological perspective, sensation is the sensory data we encounter through sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.  Perception is the meaning ascribed to that data.  For example, while the data documenting climate change is quite clear, there are different conclusions drawn.  Some see this an opportunity to gain access to natural resources heretofore covered by the now melting ice sheets and glaciers.  Others interpret this as a continuation of the mindset that created the problem in the first place.

This interview is what generated the idea for today’s post.  Please be sure to listen to the entire discussion as it is interesting to hear the different perspectives provided by the host, Bob Garfield, and the interviewee, Rebecca Solnit.  Ms. Solnit’s view of optimism and pessimism is particularly intriguing.  As an aside, climate change factors prominently in this discussion.

Take care.

Larsen C

January 8, 2017

BW photograph of snow on a roof.

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There are many local and global issues of concern for 2017.  Arguably, the most significant is climate change and the concomitant rise of sea levels.  For example, the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica is close to calving an iceberg the size of the state of Delaware.  Such problems  are magnified by the number of climate change skeptics/deniers in the plan to populate the incoming administration, and it starts with the president-elect.

While it is now too late to do anything at all about the recent presidential election-Vice President Joe Biden has confirmed that-those sharing similar concerns still have avenues to pursue.  First, it would be important to contact elected representatives and voice displeasure should governmental policies/inaction degrade the progress made. More to the point, it is helpful to keep pressure on lawmakers to move environmental causes forward. Second, it is useful to support those organizations that are gearing up for the fight to protect environmental  interests-this link is to Charity Navigator’s “Perfect 100” list, which are those organizations that meet the highest standards for best practices.  Once there, click the “Environment” link, then “Environmental Protection and Conservation” and scroll.  (The Search section, as always, can help narrow the list…)

The above is not to dismiss the importance of individual efforts to conserve, reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We all share that responsibility.  The point is that larger national/governmental efforts are needed-this is an example of how nations can work together to address climate change.  As is usually the case, though, there are social and political issues that make even these efforts somewhat suspect in terms of the desired effect.  As always, time will tell.  However, sitting back and waiting to see what will happen is not an option.

As an aside, Delaware’s “…total area is 2,044 square miles…”

Take care.



First Snow of 2017

January 7, 2017

BW photograph of the first snow of 2017 at Morgan Run-this is the water.

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During the overnight into the early morning hours of yesterday a few inches of snow fell…

BW photograph of the first snow of 2017 at Morgan Run-this is the cliff opposite the water.

Copyright 2017 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

this is the first measurable amount of snow to accumulate in this area in the new year.

There is most likely more to come.

Take care.