Larsen C

January 8, 2017

BW photograph of snow on a roof.

Copyright 2017 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

There are many local and global issues of concern for 2017.  Arguably, the most significant is climate change and the concomitant rise of sea levels.  For example, the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica is close to calving an iceberg the size of the state of Delaware.  Such problems  are magnified by the number of climate change skeptics/deniers in the plan to populate the incoming administration, and it starts with the president-elect.

While it is now too late to do anything at all about the recent presidential election-Vice President Joe Biden has confirmed that-those sharing similar concerns still have avenues to pursue.  First, it would be important to contact elected representatives and voice displeasure should governmental policies/inaction degrade the progress made. More to the point, it is helpful to keep pressure on lawmakers to move environmental causes forward. Second, it is useful to support those organizations that are gearing up for the fight to protect environmental  interests-this link is to Charity Navigator’s “Perfect 100” list, which are those organizations that meet the highest standards for best practices.  Once there, click the “Environment” link, then “Environmental Protection and Conservation” and scroll.  (The Search section, as always, can help narrow the list…)

The above is not to dismiss the importance of individual efforts to conserve, reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We all share that responsibility.  The point is that larger national/governmental efforts are needed-this is an example of how nations can work together to address climate change.  As is usually the case, though, there are social and political issues that make even these efforts somewhat suspect in terms of the desired effect.  As always, time will tell.  However, sitting back and waiting to see what will happen is not an option.

As an aside, Delaware’s “…total area is 2,044 square miles…”

Take care.




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