Signs of Spring

February 28, 2017

Colour photograph of the Thurmont Vista Trail.

Copyright 2017 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Tomorrow is March 1, and the forecast is for temps well into the 70s.  For the record, the first day of Spring 2017 is March 20th.

The photograph above is the colour version of the second image in the last post.  While BW photography captures the majority of my interest these days, and perhaps always did, certain subjects/scenes really do look better in colour.  Such is the case here.  The various reds and greens provide greater character to the scene than does the various shades of grey in the other photograph.  It also seems much more Spring-like due to the colour.

This highlights the difference, photographically, between hue and tone.  Hue, in this context, refers to colour.  For this image, the main issue are the reds and greens.  Tone, on the other hand, is how much light is absorbed or reflected.  In this case, the reds and greens are both pretty much the same-about medium in nature.  As a result, there is not much separation between the two hues in the previous photograph.  One way to address that when using BW capture is to use filters.  A red filter will lighten reds and darken greens.  A green filter will do the opposite.  I used a green filter for the BW version.

One of the real advantages of digital cameras is the ability to switch to different types of capture-either colour, or BW, or both while using the same camera.  Many cameras also offer film emulations of the media from the (mostly) bygone days.  (As an aside, film does seem to be enjoying a bit of a comeback.)  The BW photographs for the posts thus far in 2017 have been made using Fuji’s Acros emulation-the colour photograph above is Fuji’s Velvia emulation.  Back in the film days, Velvia was my primary choice for most subjects and scenes-the saturation in the hue was quite pleasing.

Choice is good.  Flexibility is an artistic asset.  Give it some thought and experiment.

Oh, and weather permitting, get outside.

Take care.


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