May 16, 2017

BW photograph of blurred water running among dark rocks.

Copyright 2017 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Many variations of the above composition have been posted here over the years.  In fact, I was photographing this scene long before blogs and digital capture existed.  This is a spot I visit often as it is readily accessible and yet can feel quite far away.

“Variations” is an important point as the photographs are not ever quite the same.  The rocks most certainly do provide an anchor, stability, if you will, to the images.  Yet, it is clear that they have been transformed by decades of running water as the texture and the stratified grooves evidence the wear-and-tear incurred.  What will they be like years from now?  I hope to see.

The water?  It is never the same in this particular spot-the changes occur nanosecond by nanosecond.  The water levels rise and fall depending on the weather and climate.  The force and sound are based on volume-sometimes it is a trickle, other times a torrent.  In any case, it is constantly on the move.

Together, the rocks and the water create many contrasts-light vs. dark; solid vs. fluid; stability vs. change.  The rocks offer a reliable presence-they persevere.  A specific measure of water was already long gone and replaced before the next click of the shutter-a process that was unending on this day.  All else being equal, there should be many years yet to photograph the rocks.  The water will remain mercurial.  Of course, nature is not equal.  It is possible to imagine the erosion that will inexorably, ultimately, lead to the demise of the rocks.  Or a big enough storm will flood the area and wash away this scene.  Climate change may dry-out the water.

As such, this image is also a metaphor for the times in which we live.  Can you think of anything else that could benefit from some stability?

Take care.


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