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Yesterday, the president did what he said he would do-he withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.  NPR posted this fact-check of the speech within which the president made the announcement.

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And the world has responded:  It appears that China is moving towards leadership in this critical issue; France replied in this manner;  and this is the response from the EU.  This report is a little older, and, of course, we now know the result.  Ideally, the U.S. withdrawal will strengthen the resolve of the remaining 190+ countries who signed the Accord.

For someone who claims to be so enamoured with the environment (listen to or read the text of the speech), the president sure has a contradictory way of showing it-Scott Pruitt as head of EPA, the roll-backs of Obama-era climate efforts, and now this one.

It is worth noting that current Secretary of Defense James Mattis had this to say about climate change earlier this year.

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