November 1, 2017

BW photograph of dropped pine needles.

Copyright 2017 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Thich Nhat Hanh discusses the manner by which to practice mindfulness while walking in his book How to Walk.  As I work to become a bit more Zen in the approach to my daily strolls,  I can certainly appreciate the emphasis on the connection to Earth within the book.  Indeed, there is a brief stretch of one frequently walked loop the lies under a canopy of pine trees.  The transition from walking on asphalt to walking on a blanket of pine needles is most noticeable-it is so much softer, like walking on marshmallows without worrying about them sticking to your shoes, and adds some float to the process.  That is most welcome.

There is also a difference in the air-the trees provide a measure of shade, so one notices a change to the micro-climate when walking under them.  Also, the turpines in the pine add a most pleasant scent.  As per the research described by Florence Williams, this can reduce the amount of cortisol in one’s system.

The provision of these resources as such is especially beneficial when a full-on session of shinrin-yoku (and here) is not possible.

Take care.