September 25, 2018

BW photograph of beach grasses.

Copyright 2018 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

No, this not about airline travel.

The iPhone will track daily health statistics:  “Walking and Running distance”, “Steps”, and “Flights Climbed”.  The latter is the one of interest here.  The iPhone uses a barometer to measure changes in air pressure, which is also a means of reading elevation gain/loss.

BW photograph of beach grasses with some wooded area in the background.

Copyright 2018 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Walking is one of my primary means of exercise these days.  As an aside, isn’t it interesting that we use the word “hike” when talking about locomotion in the mountains or on trails, whereas we go for a “walk” around town.  Is it not the same form movement from one point to another?

BW photograph of an inlet off Route 1 in Delaware.

Copyright 2018 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

One major difference, though, is the elevation gain/loss involved.  For example, the other day I hiked a bit over nine miles in the mountains-the undulating terrain registered as 90 floors (“Flights Climbed”) in the iPhone.  At Bethany Beach, where you can practically see one end of the walk from the other because it is so flat, the distance was a bit over twelve miles with a measure of 0 floors.  It is that flat on Delaware’s coast.

BW photograph of the pre sun rising over the ocean with a dune fence in the foreground.

Copyright 2018 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

On a related note, another major difference between the mountains and the shore is the olfactory stimulation they produce.  Photography obviously stimulates the visual sense-video can add audio to the mix.  However, one must rely on imagination and/or memory to have the sense of smell triggered by those media.  Were it to be possible to include the aroma of the mountains, it would be that of an earthy, acrid, decaying scent.  It has been quite wet of late and that moisture has been interacting with the downed foliage to produce this pleasant mustiness to the ground.  The ocean breeze brings a much more briny smell to the air-it much different, but equally pleasant.

Take care.

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