2019 Begins

January 2, 2019

BW photograph of the NPS closure notice about the "lapse in federal appropriations".

Copyright 2018 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

More than a few people most likely awoke with a bit of a hangover yesterday morning to greet the year.  That is an unpleasant way to start this new beginning.  On a much larger, and considerably more important, scale, the federal government continued its shutdown, which goes well beyond the short-term effects of a headache.  Hundreds of thousands of federal employees ended last year and began the new with furloughs or are working without being paid.  The effects are not limited to federal employees as per this report.  Indeed, after making the above photograph, a gentleman approached and asked if the rest rooms were open-they were not.  Fortunately, there was a port-a-pot a mile or so up the road.  As per that linked report, some in the national parks are doing their business (which is itself a euphemism for relieving themselves) elsewhere because visiting centers are closed due to the “insufficient appropriations”.

That is, perhaps, an effective metaphor: without an appropriate, functional outlet, excrement spreads.  That, in turn, creates many other problems down the road.

A briefing is being held today to take stock of the entrenched positions regarding governmental funding.  Democrats officially take charge of the House tomorrow.

Take care.

UPDATE:  NPR’s 1A aired this program on the government shutdown on 1/3/19-it is worth a listen.