Record High

January 10, 2019

BW photograph of a downed tree bleached by the weather.

Copyright 2018 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

2018 set the record for CO2 emissions.

We are now a bit more than a week into 2019, and there is enough going on nationally and globally to draw attention away from climate change.  Indeed, reading a 401(k) statement or a stack of bills without a paycheck to balance them is enough to focus one’s attention on the immediate.  That is understandable.

Meanwhile, the ice is melting…which sets the stage for even more hardship.  It can be difficult for some to visualize and appreciate the impact of rising seas and volatile weather and that accentuates this predicament.  In that sense, climate change is nowhere near as tangible as the rent being due.  However, for those in 2018 affected by the consequences of rising greenhouse gas emissions (locally, nationally, and globally), the current political/financial turmoil in the U.S. that decimate savings or liquidity underlines the stress and loss.

Will emissions again break the record in 2019?  That will hinge on the manner by which countries continue to abide by their Paris commitments.  Even if the U.S. government continues with the pull-out of the process, individual persons and state governments, like California, for example, can continue to exert downward pressure on emissions via lifestyle modifications.

Focus and the will to do so are required.

Take care.

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