July 7, 2019

BW photograph of Taugahannock Falls canyon under strong sidelight-the falls are in shadow while the canyon wall is strongly lit.

Copyright 2019 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Timing, as the saying goes, is everything.

That is certainly the case with photography.  In the photo above, arguably, the most important of the subject matter, the falls, is in shadow, while the canyon wall is brightly lit by the strong, directional sidelight.  Such is often the issue when traveling.  It may not be possible to be at the location at the desired time.  Or, if there at the desired time, environmental conditions may not cooperate so as to allow for the intended image.  When that happens, one must adapt.  The strong contrast presented by the rising sun allows for a textured study of the canyon wall.  Perhaps this calls attention to a feature that may be overlooked when focusing, literally and figuratively, on the waterfall.  Perhaps this is also just a rationalization for a missed opportunity…

In any case, one must remain flexible.  Plans often have to be modified due to conditions beyond one’s control.  More to the point, one must retain control over that which is within reality.  Being adaptable is certainly an asset when so much can, and often does, go “wrong”.  That last word in is quotes because that in itself is a judgment.  It is much better, and more conducive to one’s well-being, to avoid such interpretations and just accept the situation as it presents itself.  In this particular case, it was a gloriously clear morning in which to be on the road.

Take care.