September 21, 2019

BW photograph of the sun rising behind some wheat stalks.

Copyright 2019 Kevin P. Mick Photography. All rights reserved.

Yesterday was a day of protests initiated by the Fridays for Future group-The Kojo Nnamdi Show broadcast this discussion, and it is worth a listen to hear the student perspectives.  (Mr. Nnamdi followed that with this one the next day.)  Fridays for Future (and here) is one of several student-led activist groups engaged in changing current policy with regard to climate-related issues.

I think a commentator on the BBC best summarized this during a news broadcast when he stated that the youth behind these protests for action on climate change are the “voters of tomorrow” and the “employees of tomorrow”-therefore, the politicians and employers of today would do well to pay attention to what they have to say about the environmental crisis in which we are.  Unfortunately, I did not catch his name for attribution.  This has also been a point made by others.

Whomever said, or actively says, this, is spot on.  This generation is inheriting a world in flux:  the September 2019 issue of the National Geographic had as its heading “The Arctic is Heating Up”.  The October 2019 issue features a photograph of Sudan, “the last male northern white rhinoceros”, on its cover.  The. Last. Male.  As National Geographic also states “Sudan died in 2018”.  Climate change and species extinction-humans are a common denominator.

Such stories bring about a range of emotional responses that span the gamut from anger to depression.  It is helpful to channel that energy toward wrangling the political will necessary to reverse the degradation of the planet and its inhabitants.

These students get that.

Good for them.

Join them in their call to action, as we are all stakeholders in the planet.

Take care.

UPDATE:  The United Nations is hosting the Climate Action Summit tomorrow-this link is from the World Health Organization, which addresses health concerns related to climate change.  There are several links for more information about those effects at the site.

Meanwhile, Tropical Depression Imelda pounded parts of Texas with inundating catastrophic rains, and the current administration has revoked California’s auto emissions standards…




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